Parish Planning Council

ImpParish Councilortant information from the Parish Planning Council about meetings, current activities, planning and decision-making


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In order to keep members of the parish aware of the matters under discussion at the Parish Planning Council and of decisions made by the council, the monthly minutes are available to all parishioners once formally approved by the Parish Planning Council at their next meeting.

All PPC meeting minutes are available to parishioners upon request as also are all parish financial statements. If you’d like a copy, please just let us know.

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During 2017, PPC have overseen the care of our parish plus scheduling and coordination planned events. At the September meeting, it was confirmed to provide $1,000 from the parish to the Buckhorn School Breakfast programme. It was noted that repair of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary had been ably completed by MacCuasland Stained Glass. Finances continue in good shape.

In December, PPC gathered at the home of Karen for the final meeting of  2016 which was followed by a sumptuous Christmas lunch (potluck) to bid in the Season of Christmas.

The parish will conclude the fiscal year in a healthy financial position. A draft 2017 budget was presented.

The liturgical scheduling for January to end of June 2017 was outlined.

Discussion took place about possible new fund-raising projects for 2017 to replace the Loonie Dinner and Auction. Other outreach initiatives such as a Blessing of the Animals were discussed for the fall.

PPC verified amounts to be contributed to various projects and initiatives that the parish supports:

  • $1, 000 for the Buckhorn School Breakfast programme
  • $500 for the Council of the North
  • an additional $300 for the Council of the North
  • $500 for the Clean Water Project in Pikangikum
  • Trent Lakes Christmas baskets
  • plus other possible contributions

Among other on-going business, at the PPC Meeting on 24 November, Council approved the following outreach grants:

  • $1, 000 for the Buckhorn School Breakfast programme
  • $500 for the Council of the North
  • other grants still to be determined

Also through the small change project plus a donation from a friend of the parish, over $500 will be contributed to the Pikangikum Clean Water project for the People of the Pikangikum First Nation in northwestern Ontario.

The recent monthly meetings of PPC during the late spring and fall have dealt primarily with:

  • minor building / property maintenance items
  • reporting on financial standing — which has been positive each month
  • planning for upcoming parish events
  • other ‘business’ items as part of the normal functioning of the parish
  • Note: Annual Vestry will be held in late January 2017

*   *   *

At their meeting on 7 April 2016, PPC:

  • discussed the new lectionary book for Sunday readings
  • discussed the new prayers of the people resource book
  • noted upcoming dates and information related to future episcopal elections and special gathering for Bishop Linda
  • conducted normal business items such as accepting financial reports with recognition solid position, round-table items etc

The Annual Meeting of Vestry was held on Sunday 21 February after the morning Service

  • The Annual report was circulated to parishioners. Additional copies available to parishioners upon request

At their meeting on 21 January 2016, PPC:

  • approved a donation of $250 to support the Refugee Project of of the Peterborough churces
  • PMC reported results of a recent inspection by the Peterborough Health department
    • well cap cover
    • UV for water system
  • initiated planning to respond to the various ‘Calls to Action from the final Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report
    • exploring initiatives which include linking with a parish community in the Arctic or other parts of the North
      • suicide prevention among youth
      • clean water
      • other

At their meeting on 7 December, PPC:

  • approved a proposed budget for 2016 to be presented at Annual Meeting of Vestry in February 2016
  • current budget amounts are on track for 2015
  • estimates will be determined for replacement of counter-tops in kitchen and to add another double-sink with up-graded faucets
  • estimates will be determined to upgrade water UV system to meet code

*   *   *

PPC met on 25 November for the monthly meeting. Highlights of the meeting:

  • Financial position is strong and budget projections are on target
  • Property Management Committee (PMC) have completed most of the maintenance items suggested in the formal building inspection
  • PMC members are also in the process of re-staining the pews and wainscoting. Looks wonderful.
  • Dates have been assigned for all 2016 parish events
  • Date for Annual Meeting of Vestry has been set for Sunday 21 February 2016: reports are due 31 January 2016 

*   *   *

PPC met on 25 June. In addition to the standard reports, reports were also given about the completion of the new church roof and the recent formal building inspection report from the engineering firm. The church building inspection is a requirement of the diocese. It has been forwarded to their attention. Both invoice amounts have been paid in full. PPC will meet again in September unless some priority need for meeting arises in the interim.

*   *   *

At their most recent meeting of 13 May 2015, PPC selected a qualified inspector to conduct the required diocesan inspection of our buildings. PPC approved a roofing contractor for new roof on church portion of building. A new lawn-cutter has been hired. Members of the Property Management Committee (PMC) have volunteered to provide cleaning services for the parish over the summer. This will enable some cost-savings for the parish.

New fund-raising initiatives are in planning. The parish will offer a BBQ for ‘Rock the Locks’ in August at which time a series of bands will be providing music in our lower parking area throughout that day.

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