Fellow Anglican kayaks Trent-Severn

The parish website is a doorway through which people can enter into contact with the parish and it’s our window on the world! It’s great to know that it does connect people to the parish. Here’s a great example.

Recently, Peter Crawford found out how to reach the parish and telephoned one of the Church Wardens to ask if he may park his vehicle at the church while he was kayaking portions of the Trent-Severn. Peter hails originally from the UK. He is a faithful Anglican who attends a parish in Montréal during his times in Canada. Peter’s excursion was along lower parts of the Trent-Severn over the course of a couple weeks.

“Wow, this is really great. Obviously Peter had checked the website to determine the parish’s handy location along the Trent-Severn. (The parish is on Google maps too. ) From there, he must have looked around on the website to determine how to connect with the Church Wardens. It’s easy to navigate the website to learn about the parish, find its location, and to connect with the parish.

“This is really great to see how important the website is as a doorway to the parish and our window on the world,” Father Glenn said after learning of Peter’s enquiry. “Maybe we should be offering kayak retreats along our local waterways.”

Blessings to Peter! By all accounts his trip along the Trent-Severn was a great experience. And he’s coming back again to do another portion of the system. He’ll be warmly welcomed. Hopefully, at that point the weather will again be as glorious as it has been over recent weeks this autumn.

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