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Church sign carefully re-furbished

The church sign was originally crafted by Michael John Minten. It was later dedicated in his memory. Over time, it had weathered to the extent that Helen Minten, Michael John’s mother, offered to have the sign refurbished. Donnie Roberts kindly offered to complete the work. He managed to save the original cross that tops the…

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Sumptuous strawberry supper

All the food was sumptuous for guests at the annual strawberry supper but, according to all reports, Gloria Windover’s potato salad and Marylou Bowles’ special egg salad were the pièces de résistance. But of course the main attraction was the dessert that topped everything off–fresh local strawberries, angel food cake and whipped cream. Over fifty…

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Trent Chaplaincy — campus connect newsletter summer 2015

Featured article … Change, change change is everywhere. Climate change, global trade changes, workforce changes, economic changes. The simple fact is that the world has changed and it continues to change. Universities are no exception. When viewed from the comfortable pews of the 50’s and 60’s, the changes may seem unfathomable or … see newsletter

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