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'The church in town' -- 1937 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn -- Opposite Lock 31

St. Matthew - St. Aidan

Caring for others

Caring for others


The people of St Matthew - St Aidan are committed and serious about putting their caring for others into action. Throughout every year, the parish undertakes a number of special events in order to support those in need in the local community and beyond.

With the continuing encouragement of Father Glenn, parish priest, the Parish Planning Council (PPC) recognizes the importance of the parish's active engagement in doing things that are relevant and that make a positive and visible difference for the community especially for those in need.

"It is not a matter of serving ourselves. The teachings of Jesus are clear and they tell us that our reason for being is to serve the poor and those in need," Father Glenn said.

"We're a small parish in the scheme of things but we try to 


It's not a matter of what we can do for ourselves. It's entirely a matter of what we do for others, especially for those in need.

'Breakfast Betty' herself (aka Sue Swankie) with Mary Lou Wright, Principal Buckhorn Public School

push beyond our weight," Olive Walduck, People's Church Warden, observed.

At the beginning of each year, the PPC plans out events to be held throughout the year. This is coordinated with specific goals to meet needs the council has identified.

In the Fall of 2018, the parish will introduce a new event -- The Ribfest -- in order to keep parish events fresh and fun for those who attend and support these parish initiatives.

Every year, many people from the local community come out to enjoy the special events and to support the work and ministry of the parish.

"We are so fortunate that our parish family and friends of the parish take an active part in supporting our parish events during the year. We think they also have fun being there," Eunice Blakeley, Rector's Church Warden, added.

Total direct outreach dollars in 2017 $3,938.00

  • Buckhorn School Breakfast Programme, $1,000
  • Cameron House (shelter for those affected by domestic abuse and addiction), 235
  • Cameron House -- purses filled with personal care goods
  • Primate's World Relief and Development Fund for disaster relief, 350
  • Council of the North, Support for ministry in Arctic, 250 
  • The Warming Room, Peterborough, daily cooked meals for those in need, 350
  • Clean Water Project for Pikangikum, Northwest Ontario, 500
  • The Healing Fund, TRC, 100
  • Sleeping Children around the World, Sleeping kits against malaria, 7 kits, 245
  • Lakefield Community Food Bank plus canned goods donations, 125
  • Trent Lakes Outreach, Buckhorn and area, 125
  • Trent Lakes Community Care, 125
  • Victim Services, Peterborough, 125
  • Anglican Church Women, Special Projects, 208
  • SOS Children's Villages Canada for project in Surrey BC, 200

The parish also contributes to local Christmas and Easter hamper programmes as well as food goods for local food bank during the year.

All parishes throughout the Diocese of Toronto contribute annually to ministry carried out throughout the Trent-Durham area and the wider diocese. In addition to the direct outreach projects outlined above, St Matthew - St Aidan will also contribute over 9 thousand dollars in 2018 for ministries throughout the diocese which include numerous outreach initiatives.

Electing a new Primate for Canada

Archbishop Fred Hiltz announced January 9 that he will resign as primate of the Anglican Church of Canada in July 2019. At that time, a new primate will be elected to lead the national church and represent it internationally. But how will this process unfold?

Hiltz has stated that he will resign July 16, 2019, the final day of the General Synod. Voting for the new primate will take place that same day. But before that happens, Canadian Anglican bishops must choose between three and five nominees for the office of primate.

According to Canon III of the Handbook of the General Synod, these nominations must take place between 30 and 120 days before the primatial election. In 2019, nominees will be chosen at the House of Bishops meeting, April 29–May 3, 2019, in Niagara Falls, Ont. Any active (not retired) bishop is eligible for nomination.

The waiting period after nomination is a relatively new addition to the election procedure. The 30- to 120-day timeline was adopted by the 1998 General Synod in Montreal. Before that, in primatial elections, candidates were nominated and elected on the same day.

Prior to the House of Bishops meeting, each bishop may nominate between one and three candidates, with those candidates’ consent. Until the 2004 election, nominees were chosen at the bishops’ meeting, but this gave candidates little time to consider their nomination, pray and consult with family. Now, nominations are sought by the primate approximately six months before General Synod—though additional nominations will be received until 10 p.m. the night before the vote at the House of Bishops meeting.

Voting by secret ballot will determine which three to five nominees will move on to the primatial election.

Though bishops nominate candidates from among their own number, they do not vote in the actual election. The primate will be elected by clergy and lay members of General Synod.

read full article

With many thanks

Special tokens of thanks and appreciation


On Sunday, 7 January, there was a surprise on hand for "the three lads". The surprise was a heartfelt thank you to Donnie, Nick and Jim for their care and cleaning of the parish facilities throughout the year. Also, included in the crew is Don Bowles who was away due to work obligations. He and the other "lads" each received a gift card from the nearby Adult Toy Store -- more recognized by the name Canadian Tire. Our most sincere thanks to each of the lads.

Another person who plays an immense role in the behind-the-scenes functioning of the parish is Eunice. On Sunday just prior to the Presentation of the Gifts at the Eucharist, Father Glenn presented a special token of thanks to Eunice on behalf of the parish. Each week she prepares the Order of Service and bulletins along with scheduling and coordinating readers, intercessors, and lay administrants. A special gift card from The Keg was how the people of the parish offered their appreciation.

Christmas Eve in Buckhorn


Over ninety people packed the quaint little country church of St Matthew – St Aidan to overflowing on Christmas Eve for the Holy Eucharist. The Communion Service was “for all in town” and many local folks attended in addition to parishioners and people who had travelled from nearby Lakefield and Peterborough.

The music of The Knights-Wevers Ensemble brought a festive touch to the evening. The Ensemble played several anthems to enhance the quiet moments during the Service for pondering the meaning of Christmas. Before the reading of the Gospel, the lights were dimmed and candles lit throughout the congregation while the people joined in singing “Silent Night”.

Shannon Knights and husband, Scott Wevers, are musicians who play with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, The National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, and Tafelmusik. They were joined by Shannon’s parents. Susan and Jonathan Knights, who are also accomplished musicians. We extend our most heartfelt thanks to The Ensemble members for their gracious Christmas gift of music for the parish. And to The Venerable David Peasgood, our sincere thanks and appreciation for his music on the organ.

For those who wished to attend but were unable:

See and follow along in the Order of Service.

Listen to the audio of the Service. Prelude music precedes the Service which begins at minute 17:00. The entire Service is just over 60 minutes. Audio is best for this clip in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. A version of the Christmas Eve Service with improved audio is available for local folks from the parish on CD.

Here also is a link if you wish to cut and paste in the browser:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/2c8q7gwcaw1bhkj/Christmas_Eve_buckhorn_2017.mp3?dl=0


A message from Glenn+

A message for Advent and Christmas

30 November 2017, Feast of St Andrew


Greetings to each of you as we enter the Season of Advent,

I want to extend to you warm greetings for the Advent Season in anticipation of our celebration of Christ’s Birth at Christmas. Blessings to you.

Because Christmas Eve falls this year on a Sunday, it takes priority over the Fourth Sunday of Advent so there are only three Sundays in Advent this year. We will not hold a morning Service on Sunday 24 December so that our people and members of the community may focus on the Eve of Christmas as our main celebration.

In addition to Christmas Eve, there will also be a quiet Service at the church on Christmas Day at 10 am.

Christmas Eve this year, at St Matthew – St Aidan, promises to be a wonderful time of celebration. We are indeed blessed that the Knights-Wever family will bring us some fantastic music for Christmas on viola, horn, trumpet, and keyboard. Between the two of them, Shannon and Scott Wever are members of the Toronto Symphony, the National Ballet Orchestra, and Tafelmusik, You may hear some of the recordings by those orchestras on CBC Radio this time of year.

Susan and Jonathan Knights (parents of Shannon) are accomplished musicians in their own right. And, Archdeacon David Peasgood will be the organist for the Christmas Eve Service. We have a new organ  and the sound is amazing!

We hope you will be able to come out Christmas Eve. It’s at 7 pm. Friends, families, neighbours are most welcome as are members of the local community.

My reason for being in touch is to let you know about what we’ve planned for Christmas Eve and also to let you know about what’s up for 2018. And whether you’re able or not to join in our Celebration on Christmas Eve, I want you to know that we are thinking about you and we will hold you in our prayers.

I also know very well, from personal experience, that Christmas can be a challenging time for some us. My prayer for you, in that case, is that the hope re-presented to us at Christmas may kindle a light in your heart when the darkness seems heavy. You especially are in my heart and prayer.

With that sense of peace and hope in mind, I want to wish you blessings at Christmas. May the Light of Jesus glow in each of our hearts.

Faithfully in Christ,

Glenn +

The Reverend Glenn Empey

Parish Priest

Get Advent right …

Be part of the Anglican Communion’s Global Advent Calendar. It’s an innovative way to engage in the season of Advent with people all over the world. Simply respond to the daily meditation emailed to you with images and prayers that speak to your heart. Your images and prayers will appear in the Advent Calendar with others from around the world.Join us as we anticipate the coming of Christ, the fulfillment of our deepest longings. Sign up here. Scroll down for more info.

Christmas Tea and decoration how-to’s

There was a lot going on in the local area on Saturday 25 November but those who chose to come to the Christmas Tea were treated to two terrific demonstrations on how to make great Christmas decorations for the home. And that was in addition to a great selection of delicious sandwiches and a myriad of pre-Christmas baked goods.

Victoria Whitney from Griffin’s Greenhouses in Lakefield provided two complete, how-to demonstrations for making wonderful interior decorations for the home. The first was a creation based around an amaryllis which will bloom before Christmas. The slideshow (below) offers a step-by-step description of how Vikki proceeded to create her master pieces.

Later Vikki made it look easy to create a Grinch table-decoration for a festive touch and fun for any home over the Christmas Season.

You could purchase a ticket for three draws that included these two fabulous decorations. There was a also a third prize raffle of a gift-boxed set of Group of Seven coffee mugs. On top of these special prizes, there were also draws for a wide variety of prizes and your ticket for the Tea put you into those draws. Just about everybody managed to win something in addition to having a great afternoon and fantastic lunch.

“I didn’t know that there were different grades of amaryllis bulbs. Vikki pointed out that they’re classed as grades A, B, C, or D. What you see at the box stores etc, are low grade D bulbs. Today, I found out that a grade A bulb will provide multiple blooms at Christmas and then again in later January,” Father Glenn remarked.

Vikki offers special workshops on creating Christmas decorations. Griffin Greenhouses also has everything you need for DIY Christmas decorations.

Thanks to Marion and her team of workers and bakers who made the annual Christmas Tea a fun event. And special thanks to Vikki for her lively demonstrations to usher in the Christmas Season.

Who markets the Gospel better than Church? Burger King, and basically everybody


An amazing little article that provokes some pondering and that’s good. Absolutely worth taking the time to read more.

By Erin Wathen on Patheos.com

Y’all know I love Church, right? LOVE it. For all of its imperfections, bumbling ways and love of minutiae, there is no collective body on earth more capable of harnessing sheer joy, world-changing compassion, and the transforming power of presence with those in need. I’m here for it, every single day.


But. Sometimes we are terrible at marketing.

When I say “we,” I’m talking about the larger body, the big “C” church. Advertising is, shall we say, not our spiritual gift.

The reasons for this shortcoming are manifold. For one thing, we operated under the delusion, for decades, that all the Church had to do was exist. That worked for us for a hot minute in the 50’s. So we got comfortable. We kept the lights on, we ran great programs, we sat through mediocre sermons and ate stale communion wafers and… read more

Parish receives organ transplant

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the Wardens and People of St John’s, Blackstock, as donors, St Matthew and St Aidan’s has a brand “new” organ to replace their ailing keyboard.

On 26 October, Jim, Nick, and Donnie assisted Arie Vandenberg in removing the instrument from Blackstock, transporting it to Buckhorn, and installing it in the church.

The Venerable David Peasgood was on hand in the afternoon to get a feel for his “new toy” and to prepare to play it for the congregation on the following Sunday. He has also introduced Susan to the new instrument so that she has a chance ahead of time to become familiar with it.

David remarked, “The sound from this instrument is absolutely amazing. People have just got to come by to hear it”. [ed.: Sorry we can’t post a video with sound.]

St Matthew – St Aidan’s is so fortunate to have Susan and David as our organists. Both David and Susan will be providing festive music for Christmas Eve with the Knights-Wever family of talented musicians.

In the new year, Father Glenn has suggested that the parish invite the Wardens and others from Blackstock to a special Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing of the”new” organ. He said, “Then the good people from St John’s will be able to see that their organ has found a good home where it will be cared for fondly. We extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the People of Blackstock for their gracious generosity”


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